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Gear Presentation will continue but no hockey camp in 2015

kidsportThe Ryan O’Byrne Youth Sports Society will NOT be holding a hockey camp this summer. Unfortunately, due to timing conflicts around the schedules of Ryan and the Organizing Committee, it is not feasible to deliver the camp this year. We apologize for the disappointment to our returning players as we greatly appreciate your support over the years through participating in ROCC.

To date, the Ryan O’Byrne Youth Sports Society has donated more than $100,000 to KidSport Greater Victoria to enable deserving youth in our community to participate in sport. To ensure this support continues, we will be once again hosting the NHLPA Gear Presentation to be held June 20, 2015 at Kirby’s Source for Sports. Please contact us via this web site or KidSport directly to apply for gear and registration fees. There will be details posted on our facebook and twitter pages as well.

Thank you for the continued support of our sponsors and we look forward to being able to support the community again in 2015!


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